Environmental protection conflicts can occur between various involved parties. Be it neighbours, other companies, authorities or activists. Motivation and goals can differ tremendously. The more involved parties the more confusing is the situation. Environmental protection is a topic that is able to cause strong emotions. Therefore, conflicts about this topic easily escalate. I would love to help you through a mediation to de-escalate the situation and find a common solution.


Soil and water conservation:
Among the laws and regulations that affect many companies are soil and water conservation. To make sure to comply with these laws and regulations a good coordination with the responsible institutions for soil and water conservation is necessary. If conflicts occur in this field a mediation might be helpful.


Discharge of sewage into rivers:
In many manufacturing processes large amounts of sewage are produced. Even if they have been treated to extract harmful substances the discharge of the sewage into rivers might lead to conflicts as the discharge may lead to a change in river temperature or salinity that may cause changes in the ecosystem. In this case it is not easy to negotiate a compromise between the different interest groups, but with the assistance of the mediator it might be possible.


Reclassification of usable areas:
If a company grows, the demand for land often grows with it. Land that was used before for a different purpose shall now be used in a new way or even sealed. This might lead to conflicts if the new use collides with landscape or nature conservation interests. In this case it is necessary to figure out a long-term solution that is acceptable for all conflict parties.


Particulate matter emission:
A relatively new problem area for companies is particulate matter emission. Similar to waste gas emissions the awareness of the population is increasing and the environmental regulations tend to become stricter. Sustainable solutions for resulting problems can only be developed through a constructive dialog between the conflict parties.


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