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Conflict consulting in middle-class family businesses in Hanover Region


You are involved in a conflict in your family business that you would like to solve without endangering the survival of important relationships? Take advantage of my new conflict consulting offer that is based on a unique interdisciplinary approach that enables my customers to solve their differences timely, constructive and with a mutual agreement and to realize acquired concepts for the future in the process.


Family businesses benefit from the fact that employees often have developed strong personal ties to the business beside their ties to the job that have become an additional source of motivation. Employees know each other on a personal level and are able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues. On the other hand, the intensity of these relationships and the lack of separation between the job and the private life may be a source of conflicts that might not occur in that intensity in a company with less intensive personal ties. Personal conflicts are transferred into work and professional conflicts into private life. A change of the job is more difficult than in other companies. Therefore, constructive relationships are especially important in family businesses.


Middle class companies usually depend on ongoing important business relationships. If differences occur and are brought to court the process often causes a final rift of the conflict parties resulting in the loss of important suppliers or long-term customers. By choosing a mediation that is designed to find a common solution for the conflict instead of a court process this rift of the conflict parties can be avoided. I would like to support you with my sound experience with family businesses in Germany and abroad.


Should you do international business cultural differences can cause misunderstandings that lead to conflicts. If this should be the case I would love to assist you in the context of an intercultural mediation.


Mediation and conflict consulting in Hanover Region – How I support you:
In every company conflict occurs – that is quite common in professional life. Most disputes can be solved without the assistance of a third party. In some disputes the trench lines are so deep and the parties so stuck within the situation that there seems to be no way out. What should be done? Go to court and let a judge decide? But what if this is only the beginning of a further escalation of the situation? If you look for an alternative solution of your conflict, I am ready to assist you. I offer mediation in Hanover Region. As experienced mediator I support middle class companies since 2017 in the area of Hanover and other parts of Lower Saxony. I will look together with you for ways out of your crisis and help you to solve conflicts in a way that a constructive collaboration will stay possible for all parties involved in the conflict.

What is mediation exactly?
If there is an argument between two people, departments or companies the usual way leads to a court. The involved parties instruct their lawyers to deal with the problem. The problem is solved by legal means. The judge declares a verdict -there are at least one loser and maybe a winner. Except for the lawyer of course who will receive his money anyway. This path often enough leads to shambles and poisons the climate of the future. It is well adapted to cases in which the destiny of the opposing party does not matter for the conflicting people. A mediation will provide alternative opportunities.
It is the optimal chance to solve a conflict beyond the court. Mediation is a form of conflict solution that aims for addressing the interests of all conflict parties. A solution shall be reached that ends with a win-win-situation. The defeat of the other conflict party is not the goal of the procedure. This demands the willingness of all conflict parties to shape the own conflict behaviour and communication in a constructive way. The mediator does not act like a judge that judges about good and bad. Instead he makes sure that all parties have the opportunity to clearly present their position. He sums up the most important information and positions and assists in clarifying the different positions. With his support a common solution is explored that harmonizes all needs. A mediation in Hanover Region is especially useful if a company is a family business. In such a kind of company the relations among the employees are especially strong. Business and personal life cannot be clearly separated. Therefore, arguments do not just touch business issues but personal issues as well. The conflict parties carry out their conflicts on the on the factual level. Even up to the point where communication only happens via lawyers. This might damage or even destroy a company. A verdict may bring a decision, but the trenches might be deeper and the urge to strike back stronger. An experienced mediator would be able to prevent this result. And that is exactly what I want to do for you. With my mediation business in Hanover Region I already had to deal with many situations of this kind. I know exactly what to do in such a crisis.

How I can support you with a mediation:
With my consulting business for conflict consulting and mediation in Hanover Region I successfully support middle class family businesses in Hanover city and the extended region since 2017. Use the possibilities, a mediation in Hanover Region has to offer for your company. Do not let an argument endanger all you worked for.

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